What I’ve Got: The New Sony A9

by post_author

This camera just released, and if you’re an action or sports photographer, it’s likely that you’re drooling (like me). The sony a (or alpha) series is a mirrorless series. Thus, it’s much more compact and lighter than a DSLR. If you’re an adventure photographer, mirrorless cameras offer a huge advantage due to less weight and packability. I currently have a a6000, the new a9 is 3 grades up in the series.

The cool specs:

– The camera’s max shutter speed is 1/32,000sec. The camera is capable of “calculating AF/AE at up to 60 times per second —
regardless of shutter release and frame capture.”

– Battery provides 2.2x the capacity of previous Sony full-frame cameras

– Quickest viewfinder released

This image (like the one above via Sony AlphaCollective, Stan Moniz, using an A7) will be able to be captured at a quicker frame rate. Thus, there is the potential for sharper images and many more.




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