The first time I ate a burrito at Chipotle, I made a huge mess. Corn and tomatoes everywhere and bits of meat strewn on my plate with a soggy, empty tortilla in my hand, it definitely was not as enjoyable as an experience as it could’ve been. And my parents were definitely not happy with the mess I made. 

Then, I don’t know when Chipotle started doing this, but the company began to print the tiny diagram above on their brown paper napkins. Aha– so that’s how you eat a burrito without making a mess! 

Maybe intuitive for a lot of people, this mini-tutorial  was definitely useful for me.

I really appreciate the design of this “what i’ve got” for its simplicity in addressing a problem. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was unwrapping the foil completely as the company decided this mistake was prominent enough to address it on their napkins. I appreciate the fact that Chipotle recognized that customers were facing this issue and offered a solution. Furthermore, their solution is quite ingenious. You can find these paper napkins everywhere inside the restaurant and it is quite cheap to print these tiny images on napkins.

Thank you Chipotle!!