What I’ve Got: Repurposing Everyday Objects

by post_author

Since this is the last WIG, I want to highlight some unconventional uses of everyday objects. I always appreciate versatility in objects, particularly common ones that each household has access to.

The first is using shower caps to pack shoes when traveling. I travel pretty often, and I’ve used both regular plastic bags and also Ziploc bags to carry shoes. However, they’re bulgy and in the case of Ziploc bags, don’t always fit the shape of the shoes. Shower caps are both expandable and contains the dirt from shoes easily.

The next one is using a bowl/cup as an amplifier for smartphone music. This is probably the most common life hack I’ve seen on campus, where people would use red solo cups as temporary speakers at parties.

The last one (although there are many more life hacks than these!) is the use of dental floss as a cutting tool. It is quite useful on cakes, brownies, and cheese — anything soft that would not be easily/ beautifully cut by a knife. Definitely handy for the kitchen as well as for the bathroom 🙂

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