New Balance track spikes are produced with many design decisions carefully implemented to make the wearer as fast as possible. The middle distance spikes that I’ve worn as only 4.5 ounces, which is substantially lighter than any training shoe and most other racing shoes. In fact, most trainers are more than twice as heavy as these spikes. This allows runners to have quick turnover and feel quicker.

The shoes also have little holes in the bottom for spikes to be screwed in. Screwing in spikes allows for more traction when racing.


Lastly, as seen in the picture above, the shoes are angled very oddly. When one’s ball of the foot is flat on the ground, the rest of the shoe is off of the ground and makes the runner lean forward at a pretty aggressive angle. When wearing these shoes, the natural inclination when the foot hits the ground is to have your weight forward, with momentum already leading you into your next step. The aggressive angled design almost forces quick turn over and forward movement from the runners that wear them.