What I’ve Got – Arc’Teryx Aperture Chalk Bag

by post_author

When I went to purchase my first chalk bag, I was instantly drawn to this one. Most other chalk bags use a
a draw string-type closure to stop the loose chalk from going everywhere. This Arc’Teryx bag twists the material to loosely ‘seal’ the bag, while also reducing the size of the bag significantly. The loose material is also quite thin to be twist-able, and therefore light-weight, which is another appealing feature when climbing. The name, ‘Aperture’ is very cleaver, as the bag looks like a camera aperture when it is closing. I purchased this bag knowing very little about climbing at the time, and was just drawn to the design (and colour – mine is a deep purple). Now, after climbing for a few years. I am still very happy with my purchase and thoroughly enjoy sealing my bag and closing the ‘aperture’ every time. 

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