I have always been obsessed with all things Disney and four years ago I got into Pin Trading. While I love trading pins around Disney parks, I am most interested in the strategy behind it. It is no secret that Disney is the best at commodifying happiness but Pin Trading is especially ingenious. Pins cost from $5-$20 and regardless of the value can be traded around the parks with cast members who carry Disney-themed pins that are not sold in stores. Most people buy packs of pins for a lower price and then trade them out, but even then Disney is making a huge profit. Disney likely resells the traded pins and makes even more money. People spend insane amounts of money collecting themed sets of unsold pins and buying special edition collectible pins. Disney is able to exploit the desire to collect and to have an exclusive item. One pin in each set is rarer than the rest and traders spend money on pins to trade as well as frequent park admission to increase their collection. Trading is addicting even for someone like me who only trades for cute pins regardless of sets and rarity. On top of all that, Disney also makes money off of pin books, lanyards, and backings.