Apple is known for creating products that are highly intuitive and
user-centric, addressing the customer’s needs sometimes before they even
realize those needs existed. The wireless keyboard is another example
of design where practicality meets aesthetics. The first good design
decision is to make the charging cable the same as that of an iPhone.
that way, when you’re not charging the keyboard, you can use that same
cable to charge your phone from your Mac. The other good design decision
is that the keyboard is identical in dimensions and layout as that of a
Macbook pro, which means that users don’t have to adjust to two
different keyboards, which can be quite annoying. Unfortunately for
Apple, the same level of design was not seen on the accompanying Magic
Mouse. The mouse’s charging port, while also using a Lightning cable, is
located on the bottom. This means that you can’t actually use the mouse
while you’re charging it, a fatal design flaw in my opinion.