From mid-March to mid-April, the HSA office at 67 Mt. Auburn St. underwent its first renovation in 20 years. For 4 weeks, all the managers were “quaded”, as we relocated to the SOCH as a temporary office space. Since last week, we have moved back into our newly renovated office, and it was well worth the wait. My favorite part of the office has got to be the statement wall that you first see when you walk in. It’s a giant HSA wood overlay about 4 inches in front of a wall painted red. I love the design for three reasons. One, it’s striking look makes a strong impression on guests and establishes a strong brand presence. Second, the tilted crest that wraps around the corner is very chic, showing that we’re an old company that constantly innovates. Lastly, it has strengthened the HSA culture. Managers are proud to work in the office and proud of the organization that they’re part of.