Din Tai Fung is definitely one of the most well known restaurants in Taiwan. In 1993, It was list on The New York Times as one of the top 10 gourmet restaurants in the world. Transiting from a retail oil shop to a restaurant featuring in soup dumplings and noodles, Din Tai Fung has expanded to more than ten countries and now has eight stores in US(California and Washington)

Speaking of “must try” in Din Tai Fung, you should never miss xiao long bao(soup dumpling). Although I enjoy the original flavor, I always find the seasonal limited xiao long bao much more appealing. Some people might it counterintuitive to try sweet xiao long bao, but once you have tried their taro, sesame or red bean flavor, you will love this sweet and salty combination. Therefore, as a big fan of chocolate, I really look forward to trying this new chocolate xiao long bao next time when I go back home.