DENY duvet covers have some of the coolest designs. Unsurprisingly, Urban Outfitters is a retailer of their products. This particular duvet is the one I own, and every time I come back to my dorm it makes my room feel so homey. 

I have owned a couple duvet covers in my life, but this design has some aspects that I really enjoy. Firstly, the polyester fabric can be machine washed and is super soft, making me fall immediately to sleep every time I pull up the covers. Secondly, the duvet easily slips inside; usually you have to fuss around and move, shake, trying to get it into proper position. For this, you just turn the duvet cover inside out, and there are little strings at each corner. You place your duvet on top, tie the strings onto your duvet corners, and then flip it inside out. The cover zips closed, which is a nice feature, too, since usually duvet covers have buttons that either don’t stay buttoned, or fall off.

While the price is a little steep, luckily I got it on sale, and the amount of use I have gotten out of it is totally worth it. I would definitely buy a DENY product again.