What I’ve Got: Under Armour #ImPretty Campaign

by post_author

In March, Under Armour released their I’m Pretty digital campaign for International Women’s Day. The video and campaign surrounds the motto “I’m more than just a pretty face. I’m pretty _______.” The goal, obviously, is to empower women and help define themselves as more than looks.They acknowledge that calling someone pretty is no longer the highest compliment, considering “how much we’ve accomplished.”

To be honest, however, I like the message of the campaign, but not so much the apparel or look. Most of their products say “I’m Pretty” but leave you to fill in the blank spot below, which looks like you would not have to fill it in for the shirt to be normal looking. Thus, they are kind of continuing the trend, accidentally, of calling women “pretty.” I think it would be cooler if the shirts had pre-written words in, like they show in their campaign, such as “bold,” “competitive,” “fierce,” etc. Overall, the goal and idea of the campaign is great, but the execution is a little off.

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