I recently bought this jeans from H&M and found something interesting from its design. First of all, I really like the length of this jeans. It just ends perfectly around your ankle so I don’t have to fold it or modify the jeans. Secondly, it is a really “jeans” not a legging, but comes with a surprisingly low price: only $9.99! The price is somehow too low and makes me start to wonder where the profit comes from selling this jeans. 

Although I am satisfied with this purchase , I started to notice the pocket design of women’s clothing for our #challenge 10 and realized that the front pockets are actually faux. Also I found nearly all the pants I have, they do not have functional pockets, especially front ones. I believe this pocket problem is not exclusive for me, many women out there are having the same concern: how might we actually have the real pocket to use but not those fake or decorative pockets.