What I’ve Got: Boda Borg

by post_author

I love escape rooms, and when I found out about Boda Borg, I knew had to give it a try. Developed in Sweden in the 1990s, Boda Borg is a “real-world gaming environment” that features around 20 separate quests. Each quest has multiple rooms; teams of players solve a mix of physical and mental challenges to advance from one room to the next. From a business perspective, this solves many of the capacity challenges of escape rooms. Multiple teams can play each quest at one time, as long as they’re working on different rooms. The rooms are designed so that no reset or maintenance is needed after a group goes through, and they open to new groups automatically as others advance. From a player’s perspective, you have the opportunity to gradually figure out the tricks of each room by trying, failing, and trying again – or moving on to another room if you prefer. My team of three completed two quests, sampled several others, and will definitely be back for more.

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