Black Ink is one of my go-to stores for cards, quirky gifts, and secret santa knick-knacks. The store is pricey but I always see people streaming in and out. I think they have marketed themselves perfectly with “unexpected necessities”. Everything in the store is quaint, funny, and unexpected. They serve to make you nostalgic or to laugh, and they make nice little gifts for friends, since they are not so generic. The novelty makes them seem worth the extra bucks, and the fact that it is located in a college square makes it a real hot-spot for gift-seekers. The vibe I get from the store is similar to a Japanese craft store, with little things that are both silly and useful. I am surprised that they have survived thus far, since they do mark up things significantly, but the store aesthetic is very well done: with knick knacks hidden and stored all the way up to the ceilings so that it seems that everyone who walks in leaves with something, no matter how small.