What I’ve Got: ASUS 23″ Monitor

by post_author

Adding an monitor to your home-base desk is a relatively cheap and effective way to extend the capabilities of your laptop. Your MacBook or Dell Inspiron, or whatever you bring from class to class, need not be restricted to its 13″ or 15″ frame. All you need is an HDMI chord and an external monitor ( ~$120 investment), and you can reap the visual benefits of iMac or comparable large desktop computer. I found myself constantly huddled over my 13″ screen working on designs and straining my eyes. It was uncomfortable and affected the quality and precision of my work. No longer! I can sit back and enjoy the various design softwares as they were intended to be used  by professionals — in a spacious format. (Netflix also looks great on a bigger screen.) I think this is an excellent example of an accessory that facilitates dual desires — allowing us to enjoy both the portable and static computing experience.

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