What I Don’t Got: Computer Readability in the Sun

by post_author

It is very frustrating when it is a beautiful day outside and you want to complete productive computer work, however, you cannot read your computer screen while sitting in the sun.

After a thorough Google search, I found that there is one reasonable product that does this. It is called a CompuShade and it is sold on Amazon here for $30 USD: https://www.amazon.com/Compushade-Laptop-Notebook-Screen-Shade/dp/B000FX4Z44. There are some problems with this CompuShade option. Firstly, it is not aesthetically appealing. Secondly, it is not something you would naturally carry around with you and happen to have handy on a sunny day. Another online suggestion was to buy a laptop with an extra glossy, contrasting screen: this seems unreasonable.

I propose two initial ideas to fill this market gap.

1) The crazy creek hut. I would like to build a four paneled crazy creek that can be used both to sit in outside and to simultaneously cover your computer screen.

2) A computer case that has a an extra flap that can flip over the top of your computer and provide shade for your screen.

I hope to continue to develop these ideas to fix this common, annoying problem. As I have learned on Shark Tank, the most successful products are often responses to a small, everyday problems.

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