What I’ve Got: The KAZbrella

by post_author

The recent rainy weeks have many students using umbrellas,
but they all have a fundamental annoyance: when it comes time to walk through a
door from outside, one has to either stop, back away from the others trying to
go in/out to have room to collapse the umbrella (and get wet/soaked while it’s
still raining on you) and then walk through, or awkwardly maneuver your open
umbrella through a widely-open door and then collapse it inside, staying dry
but risking catching/bending/breaking the umbrella in the process.

Enter the Kazbrella. It ingeniously folds up as you walk
through a door, following the natural and intuitive motion of first walking
through the door and then pulling the umbrella behind you. It also catches all
of the water inside, rather than dripping around as you enter the building or

While the mechanics of the actual umbrella are more
complicated to design (thus explaining, perhaps, why this is not more common),
the concept adds great value to the otherwise unwieldy/annoying experience of
quickly collapsing an umbrella downwards before entering. This suggests that
just because something’s been designed the same way seemingly forever, there
are always improvements creative minds might be able to discover.


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