Though I’m not doing any spelunking, this (very affordable)
2-color LED headlamp light is extremely useful, for a couple of reasons. Functionally,
the headlamp piece detaches from the band, which is quite convenient, since I
rarely need the light attached to my head. Once you’ve detached the light piece,
it’s much smaller than a flashlight, which is actually a benefit for my
purposes: it’s easier to travel with, fit in a shallow drawer, put in your
pocket, or otherwise transport.

Much of the usefulness of this light, though, is its
two-color functionality. I’m not a stargazer or astronomer, so I don’t find
myself using the red light to keep my night vision focused. Rather, we use the
light at HCSUCS (Harvard College Stand Up Comic Society) shows to light people
for time – white light means you have 1 minute left, and red light means you
should be done. This is more logical than our old solution – light once at a
minute and leave it on – since you have a more exact feeling of when your time
is up, and it’s also more reliable than the other solution of flashing a white
light once at a minute left and then once at time (because people sometimes
miss the first flash). Here, again, the size is perfect – the person lighting
the other performers can conceal it in the palm of their hand until they need
to flash it, and can easily block any light “bleed” with their hand once they
do, avoiding distracting the audience.

This headlamp is something I use on a nearly weekly basis to
light at stand up shows, which is not its original intended purpose of being a
hands-free light. Thus, this just shows that if you can leave the user some
degree of flexibility – like being able to detach the lamp from the headband –
often they will come up with their own specialized use case that nonetheless
leaves them with an enjoyable product experience.