What I’ve Got: Stella Artois and Water.org “Buy a Lady A Drink” Campaign

by post_author

Based on our recent challenge focused on creating advertisements surrounding counterculture, when I saw this partnership between Matt Damon, Stella Artois, and Water.org I was extremely intrigued. Unlike the now infamous Pepsi commercial, this campaign is a win-win for everyone involved. Stella and Water.org are a natural partnership, given that water is the main ingredient in beer, and even the tagline “Buy a Lady a Drink”, while a little corny, ties directly into both their previous advertising and the point of the campaign, which is that the burden of collecting water falls disproportionately on women. 

The 3rd side of this is the inclusion of Matt Damon in the ad. He’s known for being extremely cause-oriented and appears in fairly few advertisements, so getting him i what in theory is a beer commercial is a pretty big win for Stella, and as a well-known actor, is a great brand representative. At the same time, at no point is he acting this commercial — he gets to be extremely honest and talk exclusively about his cause and purpose, which makes it more natural and means he has to sacrifice none of his dignity. All in all I think this is an extremely effective way of boosting a cause and a brand simultaneously, simply by realizing the symbiotic potential of the partnership.



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