What I’ve Got: Papyrus Cards

by post_author

Papyrus cards offer a nice alternative to traditional
hallmark cards sold at stores across a wide variety of retail corporations. The
abundance of specialized options make Papyrus cards perfect for nearly any
occasion. However, it is the elegant and structural design of these cards that
is so appealing. The cards are thicker and sturdier than other standard cards.
Often times, you will find a 3D design on the front to convey the main motif of
the card. Additionally, each card is packaged with a matching envelope and a
recognizable gold papyrus sticker. These consistencies help contribute to the
prominent Papyrus brand. Lastly, from the buyer perspective, the inside message
is displayed on the outside packaging to simplify the card selection process. Through
these clever design decisions, the Papyrus card conveys deeper sentiments to
its receiver than more traditional options.

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