What I’ve Got: Glass Architecture

by post_author

I’m really interested in the design of the built environment, which, of course, is very much dependent on beautiful architecture. Something that’s recently caught my eye is the use of glass as an architectural tool, one that espouses both transparency and innovation in architecture. Having lived in Amsterdam before, one thing I found peculiar at first is this Dutch concept of never boarding up windows—so if you ever walk around a Dutch neighborhood, you can technically look inside and see everything. But you’re never supposed to! This sense of transparency is just so warm and quintessentially Dutch, though, and is a design concept that is emulated in glass architecture.

This is an excellent example of how design can be used as a way of bringing people together. It also is a perfect way to show the importance of aesthetics in good design. Ultimately, the design of the built environment is one of the most obvious physical manifestations of the power and importance of good design. 

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