When my iPhone 5S finally bit the dust, I was torn between purchasing the (then) brand new iPhone 7, or getting the now historic iPhone 6 (and potentially a used one to save some money). But after handling both phones, they felt large and bulky in my hands. As many people consider the larger surface an ideal feature, I felt like I would drop it if trying to type and hold it with one hand, and it hardly fit in my back pocket. Which is when I discovered the iPhone SE.

The SE has the majority of the iPhone 6 upgrades, but in an iPhone 5 body…it is essentially the iPhone 6 in a different, smaller body, and it is quite a bit cheaper! I applaud Apple for making this design decision, and providing a (cheaper) alternative for those who do not necessarily want a tablet-sized device. Since it ‘looks’ like an older device, there is less appeal for those who really value having the next best tech-y gadget, but for those of us who just want something that works well, and actually enjoy the prior design, it’s a perfect fit.