After my earbuds wrapped around my hot tea, spilling it over my keyboard and frying my macbook last year, I decided to buy a keyboard cover. I was told while paying an exorbitant amount for the repair (thanks apple care!) that the motherboard is directly underneath the keyboard, making it the most vulnerable part of the computer. Since that experience ruined my life for a few weeks during finals period, I knew that I needed to prevent it from happening again. While I have not tested the protection ability of the cover, just having something there would definitely reduce damage. It also keeps extra dust and other contaminants from collecting under the keys and I feel more comfortable typing when my hands are covered in paint. When I first got the cover, it was difficult to  adjust to typing with more force, but now I am just a really aggressive typer. Lastly, it keeps the keys from being worn down by constant use and since it is clear the cover will not show use as much either.