In ancient Greece wallets were for the poor man. During the Renaissance, wallets would first be seen used in Massachusetts to carry around paper currency. In the 20th century, wallets carried both paper money and credit cards. Currently, I use a card wallet. I rarely carry cash, and if it is no more than $20 it is not more. As currency is becoming more electronic, I wonder if holding cards or cash will even be relevant 50 years from now. The wallet is gold, a color that is known to show success, wealth, prestige and luxury. In fact during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, gold was only to be worn by those of a certain social standing. In fact, who could wear gold was dictated by law and the wealth of a person. Gold is bright and eye-catching making it easy to spot. This wallet is desirable because it is an accessory with a practical purpose. The color makes the wallet easy to find and allows the user to feel a sense of luxury. And, as any good millennial would agree, the wallet does not have a label that is easy to spot. I believe that all of these factors make the wallet incredibly desirable.