Challenge 9: Seashell Headphones

by post_author

VISUAL EXPERIENCE HERE. (watch this first, please!!). 


These headphones are meant to embody and embellish the digital nomad movement. The movement, which is relatively recent (the last 15 years or so) due to its dependence on technology, centers around people who have given up the traditional career lifestyles of prior generations in holding a location-stationary job for many years. These people have eschewed the cubicle lifestyle for one of travel, greater individual freedom, and the ability to work outdoors or indoors wherever they want.


The benefits of such a lifestyle are clear. The freedom and agency can provide one greater happiness. The ability to schedule one’s own workday allows for much greater opportunity in terms of location and other activities. Ideally, one can travel cheaply while working, sustaining a sort of year-round vacation.


While it sounds wonderful, there are both caveats and hesitations to those considering a digital nomad lifestyle. The first is that it’s actually somewhat difficult to achieve – the location-independent financial security jobs are often at least somewhat skilled, and a steady flow of work or income can be hard to establish. There are many scam-like products and services that make unfillable promises to help one achieve this desirable lifestyle that one must be wary of. Moreover, it’s still a relatively risky path, and most people out of college still seek out a traditional post-secondary career plan. Thus, while enticing, digital nomads are still vastly the minority of workers.


Obviously, one of the key tools for any digital nomad is their technology – their laptop, perhaps a hard drive, and, of course, headphones, for both listening to media and for skype calls with those in a different location. These headphones nonetheless serve them well, because of their attention to both function and comfort. The Seashell headphones are designed to relax their users, from its internal vibrating mechanism (to massage one’s head), to a memory foam-like head cushion (to compete with the “neck-cushion” market). All in all, these headphones are the real deal for wanderlusters seeking an exit from a monochromatic worker-drone lifestyle for a brighter alternative to work. 

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