The sports teams at Harvard sport a simple, crimson logo in the shape of a shield with a plain, white ‘H’ in the middle of it. This logo is the primary athletic logo at Harvard and is found on nearly every piece of gear distributed by the athletic department. While it has been the logo since 1956, I think it is a little too simple and ambiguous. There are numerous schools in the NCAA that start with an ‘H’ and have a simple ‘H’ logo as their emblem. Outside of the school, I don’t necessarily think that people immediately associate that logo with Harvard.

I’m a really big fan of the alternate logos that have been around for much longer. While they are seldom used now, I think they are a much better representation of Harvard. In this logo, the “Veritas” shield lies on a wreath—both symbols that are reminiscent of the Ivy League and Harvard specifically. The Latin word and the wreath are both very unique for NCAA logos, which makes Harvard’s logo stand out. The logo also plainly says “Harvard” so it is far less ambiguous then the other logo. I’ve seen this logo on old football uniforms and track jackets and think that the intricacy of the alternate logo is much more interesting than the boring current logos.