As someone slightly old school who greatly enjoys a CD drive for making mixtape and uploading software, I love my Pres. Obama-era MacBook Pro. I have had this computer since I was a senior in high school, and it has all my music, photos, and files like my application essays. More than my phone, my computer contains all the detritus of my identity over the years and reminds me of times when things were simpler. I have recently experienced numerous near-crashes, however to me this computer is still unparalleled with its CD drive, USB ports, and portability. Newer computers have sacrificed functionality for weight and style, forgoing USB ports and other “extraneous” attributes to shave off a couple extra ounces; however mine still gets the job done, is still generally light, and has lasted in my possession for almost three years now. Of course, part of the computer’s desirability is infused with the strength of the Apple brand in itself and its characteristic sleek product design and hallmark UX/UI. While the next computer I get when this one ultimately fails me will most likely be a Microsoft Surface, I cannot deny the sheer level of desirability and functionality in this computer.