I saved up to buy these booties for myself last Black Friday; booties are mid-to-high heeled boots that stop approximately around the ankle area. This style of bootie is desirable because it is not as much of a to-do as a full length boot, but it is slightly more stylish than a flat shoe. Easy to dress up or down, this thin “sock” ankle bootie is especially versatile. DSW is one of my favorite shoe places because they often strike the right balance between fashion and price, and they were the first place I looked when I decided I wanted this style of shoe for the fall; I walked around the store, and these Marc Fisher shoes (I had never heard of this brand before) caught my eye with their sleek design and their rich black color. I tried them on, and realized their reinforced interior made them extremely comfortable to walk in, opening up the possibilities of the types of more walking-intensive events I could attend. I then waited until Black Friday for them to be on sale and ordered them online (free shipping!), a positive user experience that increased both their desirability and their value to me. Now, I wear them all the time on and off campus!