This watch is one of my favorite possessions; received as a gift from a good friend a few years ago. The desirability is infused throughout this watch in both the style and functionality decisions. First, on the design side, the gold color (much more subtle than implied in this photo) matches with most occasions and any outfit, and the thin band is delicate and versatile without being overtly gendered. I receive comments whenever I wear it, and enjoy fun moments of solidarity with other Casio wearers; the fact that a community of sorts has formed around the user experience of this brand’s gold, thin-band watch is a testament to the execution of the product as a whole. On the functionality side, the light mode, simple time adjust, and the waster resistant features render the product not only fashionable but a necessity. As someone who is very active, travels a lot, and accident prone, it is hard for me to have accessories that can endure my lifestyle. This watch has survived many accidental shower, beach, and sink submerges and heart-stopping drops, and my multi-timezone travel schedule is no problem for this watch. Never having been a watch person, this product has revealed to me what I value not only in watches, but in accessories I plan to acquire in the future.