Aesthetically I appreciate this box cover for its devotion to taking the ugly or undesirable and making it intentional. It is that intentionality, and explicit simplification, that allows the user to recognize the appeal and interest in the geometric forms created by a “crumpled” box. Similarly, it maximizes its efficacy not only as a utilitarian cover for standardizing the look of a certain bathroom or living room, but also turns a solely functional item into a sculptural one. This design understands the play of light and shadows on simple forms and uses that to only increase its appeal. 

Another thing I like about the box is the way it frees the user from worries in purchasing a separate product. Now the aesthetic of the inner tissue box need not be considered (though they will likely still factor into purchase). But at the end of the day, this product not only aesthetically enhances the room of the user, but also eases an entirely separate process for that user. It is a simple design that also simplifies.