What I’ve Got: Purse/Wallets

by post_author

For Challenge 10, we were looking at wallets that also double as purses. I had one in high school that I really enjoyed since I never wanted to carry a huge purse around. I enjoy having the possibility or carrying this around easily with all my things, or throwing it into a bigger bag or backpack if I need more things. It was very pretty and good for so many occasions. It also made losing things less frequent since I wasn’t moving things around from one purse to another. I usually also don’t carry a lot of things with me, so to just be able to take my wallet with me easily so ideal. I think it was a great design that I definitely gravitated towards for usability and aesthetics. My one complaint was that when you wear this as a purse the sides are open since it is a still a wallet: so, you can see the credit cards peeking out which is not ideal when traveling or in huge crowds. 

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