In designing anything, User Experience (UX) is of the utmost importance, because it’s all about meeting the needs of your ultimate customer. Happy, satisfied, joyful customers will come back wanting for more; frustrated or bored ones won’t. Products are only as successful as their users, and as such, constant user experience research is essential to keep iterating and innovating towards newer, better products.  

HUDS has recently taken to this incredibly important design lesson, and is now factoring in user research through a very elementary, but likely effective, method: by seeking student feedback on whether getting rid of salad dressing on their pre-tossed salads was a good move. HUDS is doing a great job in being sure to verify whether their design decision was an effective one. If they find an overwhelming amount of students saying they are unhappy, they’ll probably go right back—no harm done. But if the students (the “users”) love this and find this new version of the “product” to be better serving their needs, HUDS will know that it has done a great job innovating in its salad choices.

This all goes to show how designing, prototyping new solutions, and factoring in user research is present all around us.