my family made an important investment- we purchased an Oxo Stainless Steel Ice
Cream Scooper. While I honestly never really thought of our previous ice cream
scooper as a major pain point in my ice cream eating experience, once we
started using the Oxo scooper things changed and I couldn’t go back. There are
two main features that make the Oxo scooper’s design stand out to me. Feature
One: a pointy front to the scoop. This allows you to easily cut through and
scoop the super-frozen ice cream that previously we could only chip at until it
warmed up a bit. I’m someone who likes my ice cream as cold as possible so this
was something that I really liked. Feature Two: flat edges of the scoop. This
allows you to get at all of that ice cream that gets stuck in the corners,
leaving no ice cream left behind. This was definitely a problem with the
rounded scoop we used to have and while its definitely picking at the margin,
with the amount of ice cream that we go through in my house, that is far from