Going to Starbucks is a near-daily ritual for many people (myself included), but perhaps one of its biggest problems is the lines are often unpredictable. You never know if it will take 2 minutes or 15 minutes to get a drink on the way to class. To streamline the user experience, Starbucks introduced mobile order in 2015. The Starbucks app allows customers to order drinks in advance and simply pick up the drink on arrival. No lines, no wallet, no fuss. I love this app because it I can order a cappuccino when I walk out of my dorm room and pick it up ready to go at Starbucks 5 minutes later. The app has become very reliable—they’ve definitely worked out some kinks over the last year or so. It is such a great business idea for many reasons: it lessens the need for cashiers leaving more employees to make drinks, it shortens lines, reduces incorrect orders because the customer is required to enter their drink order, etc. I almost never wait in line anymore.