There are roughly 100 million women in the U.S. between 18 and 65, and based on an online calculator, in order to get results at a 95% confidence level we would need at least 385 responses. Our goal will be 500, just to be safe. Based on the brands we studied, we assumed a follower base of around 10 million on Instagram, and based on Gucci video views, we expect roughly 150k people to consciously absorb a given post. TO reach our target numbers then, we need roughly 0.03% of those users to follow through and take our survey within a week – a very attainable number. Here are what the posts will look like:

Our strategy for engagement is pretty simple, and plays on a statistical analysis of two major fashion labels that we looked at, Gucci and Prada. Looking at engagement numbers from multiple social media sites, Instagram seemed to be the most successful for fashion labels, so we chose to target the Instagram population primarily, then twitter secondarily. We also believe that the distribution of users on Instagram is fairly reflective of the distribution of people in our target market, which makes it an ideal place to get a representative sample.

The appeal of the design is to excite women about being part of the process of a major fashion company, therefore our question asks: “Do you want to be a part of the future of HiFashion?” The ability of people is already very high (it’s a pretty simple survey), but motivation is low, that is where the thought that you could contribute to the design of something millions of people will wear is exciting. We believe the goal of 500 users engaging with the posts is very doable, and using Instagram will give us a relatively representative sample, though we have included a Twitter post as well because the nature of Instagram is such that you cannot actually post a clickable link in the feed itself.

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