I discovered these heels by Thesis Couture at the Identities Fashion Show:

They look like any usual platform pump and on initial view, everyone thought that they’d be as uncomfortable as the usual platform pump. Once you put them on, however, all that changes. 

These heels are incredibly comfortable – more comfy than all of my heels, both tall and short. They’re easy to walk in and don’t make your feet hurt at all. 

What makes these heels so comfortable is the Thesis Lift technology inside:

The designer showed us what is usually on the inside of high-heeled shoes: a thin metal rod/shank. No wonder heels are usually so grueling to walk in!

The platform of these shoes displaces the weight across the foot, instead of one point. 

Even though these heels are way out of my pricerange, I love them because of how comfortable and beautiful they are. They have a trompe l’oeil effect on the wearer, who expects the shoe to be uncomfortable but ends up being pleasantly surprised by the comfort. The only downside is the price (hundreds of dollars), but these shoes combine both great design and aesthetics.