For Challenge 10, we are designing a better women’s wallet. We compared two different types of wallets: fashion wallets and athletic wallets. Within the fashion wallet category, we looked at Fossil and Tory Burch as examples. While Tory Burch is a more expensive brand overall, both sets of wallets were very similar. One advantage is the potential ability to attach clip on wrist straps or shoulder straps so that the wallet can be carried on its own outside a purse. Some of the Tory Burch wallets were also waterproof. Different types of wallets had different opening mechanisms (zipper vs. clasp), and while some opened to lie flat, others had accordion folds. In addition, the wallets we compared could hold an iPhone 7, but they differed based on whether the phone slid into a pocket or was accessible to use by simply opening the wallet up.

Athletic wallets used during workouts can be split into two major categories: wrist straps and armbands. Compared with fashion wallets, the athletic wallets tend to be relatively cheap, which users appreciate. A lot of options retail on Amazon, but major workout brands like NIke also make different kinds, including both armbands and wristbands as well as waistband wallets and wallets attached to water bottle holders. Users complain that both wrist and armbands can be difficult to fit properly (right size, no chafing), possibly due to the fact that many are unisex designs. They are often uncomfortable once the user begins to sweat. They also don’t carry much, and the user has to transfer her essentials into the wallet every time she wants to use it. Armbands typically include a place for a phone, while wristbands do not, but they are even more bulky and difficult to carry as a result.

The key takeaway from our research is that both types of wallets lack versatility. If a woman is carrying a fashion wallet and wants to workout, she will have to buy a different wallet in order to bring along her credit cards and keys. The reverse is also true. Athletic wallets would look completely out of place in everyday life, particularly any fancy events. We want to find a way to bridge this gap so that women only need to buy a single wallet that will serve multiple functions. Based on our market research, we think that the wallet should be large enough to hold a phone (without having to shove it in or remove its case) and to carry on its own as a small purse if a shoulder or wrist strap is attached. It also needs to hold lipstick or chapstick. Part of the wallet should easily detach for times when you only want to carry essentials. This part would clip into a pocket or the top of a boot. The phone portion should also detach and become a workout armband with a place for a couple of cards and keys. With this wallet, there will no longer be a need to root through your wallet for your essentials every time you want to go out with less.

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