What I’ve Got: SafariSeat

by post_author

Traversing the world with a mobility-related impairment I imagine is incredibly tough. As a designer and planner, we constantly have to think about ADA accessibility, heights of objects, curbs, slopes, etc. In places without ADA laws or accessible infrastructure, mobility-related issues could place hardship on the mobility-impaired person and/or their family.

I think SafariSeat is a promising innovation. It’s an all-terrain wheelchair built at a low cost. On rural terrain, a conventional wheelchair may not be durable enough. SafariSeat, produced in Kenya, has sturdy wheel parts from repurposed bicycle parts (making it easier to repair), the rider is propelled forward by using the hand levers.

Images + Info Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/safariseat/safariseat-open-source-wheelchair-for-developing-c?ref=thanks_link

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