What I’ve GotI have a handheld corn sheller, which is a small, cheap, simple tool that makes corn shelling many times faster. People all around the world shell corn, a task mainly done by women, and this task can take hours when done purely by hand. This handheld sheller is easy to fabricate, as it requires three non-mechanical tools and can be done by anyone, regardless of prior knowledge of how to use tools. The sheller is made of a strip of metal, which is bent using pliers, and then hammered into shape using a hammer and anvil. This device is an intermediate technology, which means that it is mechanically more efficient than doing a task by hand, but is not as expensive and complicated as a motorized machine. Technologies like this sheller are common in rural areas of developing countries, where geographical and financial constraints make factories and large machines impossible. Creating devices like this one can also help people who may never have had access to the design process understand the joy of designing and creating useful objects. Source:https://d-lab.mit.edu/node/95

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