During sophomore year my laptop broke and I realized one of my worst fears: losing photos. To me, photos form a kind of extended memory, and revisiting them always feels like I’m discovering some new (usually forgotten) aspect of myself. At the same time, I love convenience: I’d much rather spend extra time creating memories and taking photos than backing them up. The Seagate Thin Drive tackles this conflict elegantly. Slightly larger than a smartphone (it measures 113.5 x 76 x 9.6 mm), the Thin Drive is portable so I can carry it around or leave it on my desk rather than someplace in the back of the closet. It packs a whopping 1TB of memory and also contains compatibility software so I know that this is essentially a “buy once for life” purchase. Interestingly, the sleek metallic aesthetic conveys both of these features well. I generally won’t neglect a shiny metal piece of technology or store it in the attic for infrequent use. And the futuristic metal finish certainly makes the product seem durable and not prone to obsolescence. For its dual appeal to peace of mind and convenience, the Thin Drive has earned its place as a What I’ve Got.