There are few things, perhaps nothing, that I use more in my life than the Bic Round Stic black ink ballpoint pen. At the beginning of each semester (or whenever I run out), I go to Staples and buy a pack of 60. They are by far the most consistent, least expensive option of any writing utensil – I truly swear by them. Although the grip is not padded or molded in any way, the pen still feels good to hold and easily maneuverable. They are very lightweight yet durable – usually the ink gives out before the pen itself (although even more usually I lose them before either of those happen). Through all the great features, however, the most impressive and important part of the bic pen is the price: $14.49 for 96 pens, only just more than $0.15 per pen! For the same price as one Caran D’ache pen, you can get over 100 bics. No matter any issues of quality (of which the only potential rub could be the breakability of the cap), you can’t beat the classic bic pen.