Starbucks Sakura Collection: Japan Limited Edition

by post_author

As someone who has lived in Japan for years, one thing that I miss the most is definitely the scenery of cherry blossom scenery. This annual ritual brings you and your family, friends and coworkers sitting together under the cherry tree and enjoying the food and drinks. Cherry blossom has become a symbolic Japanese pride, a much-loved beauty of nature and a welcoming to all kinds of “new”.

While cherry blossom only lasts for few weeks, you can grasp and keep this epic phenomenon with your Starbucks collection. In Japan, you know spring has arrived when Starbucks releases it’s annual Cherry Blossom or Sakura drinks. 


When the pink color, the sweetness and the sense of joy all combine together, you will find yourself unintentionally buying (and drinking) more Starbucks than usual! This is why I found the marketing campaigns are more eye-catching and appealing in Japan other any other country. 

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