Method’s design choices of having bright colors, fun shaped bottles, and an eco-friendly product from the soap to the bottle makes the product very appealing. In fact, it seems like their message is clear, and unarguably very desirable because you get a well-designed product that is environmentally friendly. Upon more research, Method’s culture is very clear in their design aesthetic.  Method’s Creative Director Sally Clarke explained that, 

“Method’s creative team wrote its Humanifesto seven years ago as a fun exercise, with the goal of articulating what the company believes in for employees and customers. The process was organic, she told me; there wasn’t a grand plan, a rubric, or a brief. The team just sat down, brainstormed about what makes Method what it is, and ended up writing 15 fun and quirky belief statements that made them laugh and nod in recognition. Then they stuck what they created on the wall.” 

Clark describes the  company’s culture as “the freedom to ‘keep it weird.’” Method actively uses its culture to drive their design choices and aesthetics. Most recently with the political landscape driving so much attention to the environment, their product will definitely become more desirable, especially since it is sold at the superstore Target.