What I’ve Got: Minimalist Definition Posters

by post_author

I’ve recently been looking into a lot of minimalist decor to deck out my dorm room, and I found this poster series that define everyday terms in hilarious ways. Sometimes, less really is more when it comes to design, and these posters are a great example. To the point, no-nonsense typeface, black on white, with a minimal frame. However, one must appreciate the nuances in layout. The ratio between the word and the definition is aesthetically spot on, and the solid line is a tasteful touch. The left alignment adds to the minimalism, and the vertical off-centered-ness gives it the little bit of chicness that it needs. If you took away any of those things, the poster would simply look bland. It’s always a fine line between minimalist and simply bland, and these posters tread it perfectly.

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