What I’ve Got: Rice Krispies vs Crispy Rice

by post_author

I was passing through the cereal aisle when these two cereal brands, positioned right next to one another, caught my attention. These two cereals seem to be the same product but marketed by two competing companies. The shade of the box is the same, the bowl is white, the title is centered in the box with the company logo above it. If this is not direct competition, I don’t know what is. By putting them right next to one another, the design mimicry becomes laughable. What does the copying company (whichever it may be, although I’m leaning toward Crispy Rice) hope to achieve? Is their target audience made up of overworked parents who are so overworked and distracted that they’re not sure what they’re buying? I would say as well that Rice Krispies looks a lot more ‘desirable’ than the other design, which looks like it was made in photoshop with a time limit. 

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