The Blonde Salad was started by fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni. I first visited the site because I saw one of Chiara’s Instagram posts, which featured a shirt that I liked, and wanted to find out how much it was and where to buy it. This led me to discover the Shop page of The Blonde Salad, which features clothing that Chiara simply likes, as well as pieces she has designed or co-designed with well-known brands. The appeal of The Blonde Salad lies in Chiara’s ability to make high-end, luxury-brand fashion understandable and thus accessible to young people. For instance, this page (see screenshot below) attempts to make fine art accessible to young people via fashion (similar to the idea behind one of the designs for #challenge7).

The youthful appeal is also exemplified by the visuals of the site, which are playful and speak to Millennials and Generation Z teens. How Chiara manages to sell her designs at the prices she does is beyond me — most of the selection is overpriced (i.e. a Marijuana Problems’ book clutch for $860? Who in their right mind…) However, the desirability of the blog/website is salient – the aesthetics, associations, and emotions it conveys blend to create a cool and covetable experience, even if you’re just viewing the site and don’t plan on purchasing anything.