What I’ve Got: Natural Cycles

by post_author

Among the many contraceptive methods that include condoms and IUDs, never once did it cross my mind that an app could handle the same task. Then I came across this app called “Natural Cycles”: the only certified app for contraception.


How it works: the app’s algorithm analyses body temperature to tell the user exactly where she is at in her cycle and when she needs to use protection to prevent a pregnancy. She would measure her temperature first thing in the morning and record it in the app. This reading is an indirect measure of her hormone levels and the information the app needs to effectively analyse her cycle and calculate a red or green day.


According to this article, the founders went through a tough process for the app to be certified. But after showing that it worked well from rigorous clinical studies, Natural Cycles was finally permitted. It now shows great earnings and potential for growth in the contraceptives market.

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