I have a Herschel backpack and love the inner
padded compartment for my laptop, its clean design, and the sunglasses pocket in the
front. However, there has been an explosion of Herschel backpacks
since the company was founded in 2009, and so I wanted to learn more about how
it became the ubiquitous brand it is today.

Herschel targets the 18 to 35 year
old “travel consumer” and focuses on providing functional bags and accessories
for the “everyday traveler” with “thoughtful details to enhance customer
utility.” One thing I noticed was how effectively Herschel conducted its branding.
They have a strong social media presence and avoid mass marketing by trying to
tell a compelling story (usually about travel) through their bags. Herschel shows how effective branding, design, and utility can come together nicely to
make a successful product.

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