Zappos is one of my favorite places to shop. Not only do they have an incredible selection of shoes (as well as clothes, bags, accessories, etc.), but they also provide an awesome shopping experience. Zappos places a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction. With two-day shipping, free shipping/ returns, and a very helpful customer service department, Zappos is unparalleled in many ways. Their iOS application, like their original website, is also extremely user friendly. The aesthetics of the app are very nice, but what I like most is Zappos’ filter and sort system. When browning through items, Zappos allows you to filter based on categories that you want to see, while also excluding items that you don’t want to see. For example, if I wanted to buy a pair of heels and I was willing to buy any color except purple, I could exclude purple from my search. The app also has this really fun feature where when you add an item to your cart, a little cat flies up on the screen, picks up your item and drags it down to your cart.