Challenge 8

by post_author

As we develop more complex relationships with the apps we use, and as these apps become increasingly personalized and hope to stay in our lives for longer, I find the role of pleasure in product usage increasingly interesting. Moreover, as more and more apps and sites incorporate in-app purchasing opportunities and rely on these as sources of revenue, I’m particularly fascinated by the relationship between product appearance and purchase decisions.

I also find the idea of non-physical interaction with products fairly intriguing, given that products are often means to an end, such as the abdominal work-out device leading to the perfect body, which means using them is not the purpose in themselves. This means it’s even more critical that the interactions are seamless and products don’t affect the end experience in a negative way. Some of that may have more to do with backend development, which we’ve touched on less, but the work we’ve done focusing on mobile and web development definitely ties into creating desirable experiences that increase motivation – whatever the end goal – and increase ability. It’s also critical that the in-app triggers connect closely to whatever the goals are that a user may have in creating the product.

In what I personally find desirable, I’m particularly drawn to the “unity of sensuous delight, meaningful interpretation, and emotional involvement” that lead to the creation of experiences. Often these are first created by the aesthetic design then the emotional experience – unpleasant aesthetics can lead to my rejecting a product before even giving it a chance and allowing it to affect my emotions. I will say, however, that with critical physical products this is less likely to be the case.

Questions for teaching staff:

1) I would love to continue skill-building in a more structured manner, is there a way we could have more tutorials or sessions like we had that one Wednesday in class? Or barring that are there any tutorials or sites that you’ve found particularly useful? Thanks!

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